Vigor AP-710 Wireless Access Point

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802.11n Access Point, Bridge and Repeater

The DrayTek Vigor AP-710 is a standalone wireless access point, ideal for adding wireless connectivity to an existing LAN, or for expanding the range of an existing wireless LAN by using the WDS feature. As a wireless access point, the Vigor AP-710 connects to your existing Ethernet switch or router so that wireless users can then connect to your LAN. You can restrict access to specific devices by locking in their hardware 'MAC address' and if you have a radius server, user access can be further limited by requiring a unique login using 802.1x authentication (MD5/PEAP mode). Where you wish to provide wireless access over a larger area, or throughout a larger building, you could install several AP-710's, each wired back to your central network. The AP-710 also supports limited functions within DrayTek's Wireless management system and in addition, the AP-710 can operate in several other wireless modes as required. This wall mountable device has a single 10/100 Ethernet LAN Port along with two detachable antennas and a maximum wireless transmit power of 18 plus or minus 1dBm, powered by an AC/DC PSU providing 12V DC (Note: Power over Ethernet is not supported on this model unlike on the AP-810 and AP-900). Package Contents: Vigor AP-710 Wireless Access Point Quick Start Guide CD-ROM (includes User Guide & Utilities) Power Adapter (AC/DC PSU) Ethernet Cable 2 Detachable Antennas Key Features 802.11n Wireless Access Point WPA2 Wireless Encryption Repeater/Bridge/Access Point/Station Modes Up to four distinct SSIDs MAC Address Filtering Radius User/WPA Authentication 802.1x User Authentication WDS (Wireless Distribution System) WMM (Wireless MultiMedia) WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) Built-in Site Surveyor