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Vigor 2860Ln 3G/4G LTE & VDSL Router

The Vigor 2860L features the same specification as the standard Vigor2860 product with the addition of built-in 4G (Cellular/LTE) connectivity, compatible with all UK/Ireland cellular networks (apart from 'Relish'). The embedded 4G/LTE connectivity provides a self-contained solution as opposed to having to add external/USB modems to your router. A standard SIM slot on the back of the router is secured with a cover to prevent accidental removal (you can leave the cover off if you need easy access).

As well as connectivity to the 4G (LTE) networks, the Vigor 2860L provides backward compatibility to 3G networks for areas or networks where 4G isn't available. Full function SMS message operation also provides additional functionality and control (see later). The Vigor 2860L also provides built-in ADSL/VDSL and Ethernet WAN connectivity for wired (broadband) Internet connections.

Your 3G/4G can provide your sole/primary Internet connection, with optional fallback (backup) to another WAN connection (DSL or Ethernet fed) or 3G/4G can be the backup to your primary DSL/Ethernet connection.

Secondary or backup 3G/4G connectivity, using a second network/SIM can be added by the use of an additional 3G/4G USB modem (not supplied). Check the compatibility list to see which USB modems are supported. Note that an external USB modem is only needed for the second cellular connection - the primary 3G/4G interface and SIM slot is built-in.

The Vigor 2860 and 3G/4G cellular modem setup is ideal for:
Backup to your primary Internet feed (ADSL, cable etc.).
Providing lower cost broadband than a fixed line solution.
Areas without fixed line broadband access.
Compatible with a wide range of 3G modems/phones.
Temporary Locations.
Mobile Homes.
Locations on the move - coaches, trains.
Fairgrounds & temporary exhibitions.
Outdoor locations (the router and modem itself must be indoors!)